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Support & Repairs

Technical Support

Technical Support

Our technical team is trained to repair all brands of IT equipment including Laptops, Desktops, Monitors and printers among other things.

As regards to laptops and monitors, if bought from us, we will give you another laptop or monitor till yours is being repaired even if it is not still under warranty.

As regards to desktop computers, if bought from us, and a problem occurs, you can phone our technical department and one of our professional technicians will come to your premises and try to fix the problem on site. If then the computer needs to be repaired at our workshop the technician will take it down for repairs and return it serviced free of charge for the first 2 years. If the computer is not still under warranty you would only need to pay for the parts.

Our European based component supplier can furnish us with any part or peripheral for any model that we are repairing - all priced very competitively.

We try to keep the repair time to the least time possible – but this mostly depends on the level of stock of the part required. In any case, we will always keep you informed with the status of the repair.

On–Site Repairs

We can offer support onsite at the comfort of your home or office. Just call our technical team on Tel 21323426 / 27323426 to set up an appointment or send an email with your details on info@ctscomputersmalta.com and we will contact you accordingly. A fee of €15 is charged for the first 45 minutes and €5 for every 15 minutes after.

On-site Repairs
Telephone Support

Telephone Support

You feel that your problem can be solved without the need of the technician's visit to your premises or the need to get your computer or laptop to us? Is it a matter of just a setting that needs to be handled? Sometimes we can give you a fast solution on the phone. Our technical staff can offer you a prompt technical support on the phone solving your minor problem within minutes. So if it's just a minor problem just call us on 21323426 / 27323426